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Why the Lace Wigs from China are the most popular?


As the main base production line over the world, China lace wig supply 70% demand over the world. And over the global data of trading market, wig search is always a uptrend from google data analysis. The North America is the main consumer market for hair business, and it occupies as 62% of the global hair products, this is because the hair business grows early, people wear wigs as a part of their life and different people, skins, ages are all wear wigs in American Market.

Although the demand is hugh but why lace wigs from China are more popular? We can take a look over the prices, usually the price is $500-$600 for a full lace wig in USA, but over the website online, US customers can be able to purchase from directly source which can only spend around $100, plus the style fees in salon and still the price is about half cheaper. So the price competitive is very high, especially the network grows so fast online so the hot sale from China is a trend issue.

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