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How to wear short full lace wigs upon your long hair


How to wear a short full lace wig upon your long hair

Want to change a different hairstyle every day, nothing is more varied than wearing a wig, you can change the hairstyle with your mood, but wearing a wig is a skill, the following will see how long hair with a short full lace wig.

You have to hide your real hair before wearing a wig. This is very important for wearing a wig. It affects the overall look of the wig. Here's how to wear a short wig with long hair!

1. Spread the hair net with both hands and wrap the hair from top to bottom;

Pull the net to the hairline as if you were tying your hair.

3. Press the net down as hard as you can with the palm of your hand, so that it presents a flat shape without any bump;

4. Expose the ear from the net and secure it with a hairpin at the hairline to prevent the net from falling off.

The short wig trick

(1) hold the hairline of the wig with both hands, move back from the forehead, and fix it with hairpin after adjustment;

(2) adjust the overall shape of the hair with a comb or fingertips after wearing.

Wear long hair tips

(1) hold the sideburns of the wig by hand, put the wig on from back to front, and move forward to adjust the wearing position on the forehead;

(2) adjust back and down a little bit to make the wig look natural;

(3) adjust the overall shape of the hair with the comb and fingertips after wearing.
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