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Tips for choosing a beautiful full lace wig


Tips for choosing a full lace wig

Round face: choose a few to be able to cover parotid in long hairdo, make facial ministry appears as far as possible some longer, make plump face appears petite at the same time.

Oval face: the full lace wig wig of integral big wave type, make fluent line foils at costal place, can make whole face looks vivid and have streamline feeling.

Country glyph face: the lady of this kind of facial ministry must be careful, if do not pay attention to can make oneself curt facial ministry defect is exposed completely, should choose a few bilateral administrative levels as far as possible so a few lower, hair end curly hairstyle, can make facial ministry looks downy a lot of, make you more tender charm.

Rhombohedral face: the part in this kind of face type suits quite, especially forehead part is a bit loose, mandibular ministry also plump hairstyle, such integral feeling can be very harmonious, the pear that resembles popularity now is beautiful head.

Ultra-thin design, sweat and breathable wig cover 100% healthy people hair with their own soft together, wig cover for all kinds of bald white hair, bald spot, chemotherapy all bald.

Tips for choosing a full lace wig

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