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natural to wear a wig like this


natural to wear a wig like this

Wig nearly two years is popular, arrive from silver screen activity show field, female stars show one by one with wig, or gentle and demure, or wild and bold and unhurried, wig has best dress up as beautiful effect in this time, need not stay the hair that rise cruelly to cut, need buy a few wigs only, what kind of hairstyle you can change instantly.

If you are afraid of messy hair, you can also put on the hair net and coil all the hair into the hair net. Then you can put on the wig, if the hair is too much to fix, you can first put on the hair net on the top of the head and then put on the wig.

Will right amount matte hair wax daub goes up in wig, knead at will with finger next hold hold, can make give or random or the visual effect of cruel, whole hairstyle fleeciness has send, "messy" and rich administrative levels.

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