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Why not hear from you since I placed hair wigs order


Premiumlacewig.com will automatically send you an email to your email address you put, but sometimes due to the network or transit, the email may went to your spam box so some people may think they did not hear anything from us. But don’t worry, our staff will send order confirmation by email manually for your confirmation when they start to work, so you will always hear from us after you placed the order. If you did not hear anything from us, then you can reach us at premiumlacewig@yahoo.com for any questions that you may have as we always check and reply by email.


Please always check your email if you leave message on our customer online chat, because our staff is not online if it is not working time so you can leave message and we will reply you back by email as soon as we get to work. So for any questions, orders or inquiries, please always check email because we will reply by email only.


You will get email confirmation from PayPal after you made payment, and you can also see your order number from PayPal notification, please check the following red box is your order number which you can be able to track the status from our staff or from the top of our website by “Track Order”.

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