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Variable combination pre plucked 360 lace wigs


Variable combination pre plucked 360 lace wigs

New pre plucked 360 lace wigs provides a changeable modular wig caps, it includes network before and after the nets, described before and after the network, respectively, on the edge of the arc has a corresponding magic buckle, button through the magic of adhesive, and at opposite ends of the magic button is equipped with corresponding to the concave and convex clasp, on both ends of the edge of the arc respectively hat circumference adjustment, it is hat around one end of the adjusting wire has a s-shaped hook, after the net after the end of the connection has a piece, after the net with the piece of joint sets. The front mesh of the utility model is sewn with an artificial skin, making the middle seam of the top of the head real, natural and realistic; Simple and fast collocation, plastic three-dimensional, full of tension; The combination of hair cover is flexible and changeable, and the combined appearance is beautiful. Can adjust the size of cap circumference according to the head shape; The combined wig head can cooperate with other wig accessories to achieve perfect modeling; The new pre plucked 360 lace wigs is suitable for all people, with good air permeability and no door heat in summer.

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