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The growth in 360 lace wig exports worldwide


The rate of growth and decline in wig exports worldwide

With the exception of Belgium, the five fastest-growing countries are all African; The green triangle represents a year-on-year decline, with the US leading the way with a 24.83% drop. Therefore, Africa is a treasure land of key development!

The number of exporters means that a wig products company wants to enter a market needs to face a competitive environment, the first place is the United States is China's largest export market, accounting for nearly 40% of the share, but China's exporters are also the most, as many as 63, which shows the fierce competition! The simplest average is that each business can export $1.47 million; Nigeria, which ranks the second, has only 12 Chinese suppliers, so the competition will be much smaller. Moreover, each supplier can export usd 1.62 million on average. Japan, no. 5, is also fiercely competitive, with 45 Chinese exporters, each with an income of $182,600.

Benin, which ranks fourth, has only 11 Chinese exporters, but each exports an average of $1.43 million, not far behind the U.S. It can be seen that the African market is a very good market both in terms of the intensity of competition and the amount of exports. Because of the financial crisis, the traditional European, American and Japanese markets are not only fiercely competitive, but also see a sharp decline in exports. The choice of market over effort is an important choice for exporters. As one of the leading exporters in China, Rebecca co., which has been mentioned many times in this article, is the first one. It exports 2.62 million kilograms in one month and has exported 41 times. Comprehensive above content, can discover, "wig" relevant product international market demand is big, goods value is high also, it is a good foreign trade product really.

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