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Techniques to bring the hair back to life(2)


Wash and Deep Condition

As long as you fully detangled your hair, the next step is to wash your hair thoroughly to remove any other product that may still exist on your hair. This step is very important that you should never skip. Once you washed and rinsed the hair, then you will need to do the deep condition process. Let the hair recover some moisture and glow then leave it for a while about 5 mintues then rinse again. After all, then you can let the hair air dry.

Use your favourite products

After air dry, then you can use some of your favorite hair products. Such as light serum oil, Moroccan oil or liquid shine. Please make sure you apply it evenly onto your lace wig or hair extensions. After this process, you may found your hair looks like your old hair again, and it should be more easier to manage and soft now.

Styling tools

The last step is to use some tools to style or heat your hair if you'd like to customize the hair yourself. Whether you use a flat iron or a curling roller, please keep the heat at a minimum to avoid the damage on hair. Because the more process the hair suffers then the more life time of the hair gone.

Please always buy high grade hair from trusted human hair suppliers such as premiumlacewig.com, we always provide 100% human hair to our customers and we insist to provide full service to our customers. If you are not satisfied with any of your hair then you can return it back to us at our domestic warehouse. We currently have domestic warehouse at USA, UK, Germany and Australia, which is easier for you to return.

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