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Techniques to bring the hair back to life(1)


There is no doubt that the major two issues when people wearing a wig or extensions are tangles and shedding issue. Most people will complaints the hair is not good when their hair become tangle or shed, but the fact is even our own hair will start shed or tangle if we don't care them well, so are you complaints your own hair is bad quality? For wig or hair extensions, they are just same as our own hair, we have to treat them just like our own hair and we have to wash them at least once a week.


The good news is we have few techniques that can bring your human hair wig and human hair extensions back to life, this way you can wear them a little it longer to get your money worth before you buy for new ones. We would like to introduce some way that can bring hair life back.


Remove Tangles

Tangling and matting are the most issues with human hair, regardless of hair quality but the daily care are the main issue that may cause tangling issue. So how to take care of tangling issue when you meet it? First of all, gently remove tangles from your hair with a detangling brush, to make hair more smoother, better use a small amount of virgin olive oil and mix it with water. This way, you won't get the hair damage more even you run water on them.


Wash and Deep Condition

As long as you fully detangled your hair, the next step is to wash your hair thoroughly to remove any other product that may still exist on your hair. This step is very important that you should never skip. Once you washed and rinsed the hair, then you will need to do the deep condition process. Let the hair recover some moisture and glow then leave it for a while about 5 mintues then rinse again. After all, then you can let the hair air dry.

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