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Tangling and Shedding Issue(2)


For tangling issue, actually it is nothing to do with it wheather it is human hair or synthetic hair, many people think your hair is synthetic hair since it get tangles but honest synthetic hair may tangles less because synthetic hair has no life, the hair are all chemical so it does not get tangles. Only human hair get tangles easily if we did not care it well. Try to think, even our own hair will get tangle if we did not wash it in 2-3 days so why you expect a human hair wig or human hair bundle does not tangle after you wear it a month? Please treat it carefully like our own hair, we suggest wash the human hair once a week or two weeks, avoid wearing it during swim and the most issue that many people does not know is please remember combs the hair from bottom to top, the hair will get tangles if combs from top to bottom. Many people can wear Premium Lace Wig over a year or two, but some people may just wear for serveral month, the daily care and habbit is the most important issue that affect the life time.

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