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Production of clips in extension


Production of clips in extension

The equipment for clips in extension is called tri-connection, which is something similar to a sewing machine. The three heads work at the same time, sewing and sizing at the same time, sewing and gluing with thread. The curtain is as long as a thread and can be cut off according to the client's needs.

General purchasing term requirements: a bar of several ounces (1 ounce =31.1034768 grams), or a meter of how many grams. The required ingredients are several grades of ingredients, namely 1614.12 and three grades of ingredients, the percentage of each size. If it is hair material, the product cost can be greatly reduced. After hair shade is done, want to do postprocessing commonly, chemical fiber USES the P oil of Japan commonly, C oil, the KM722 that Korea produces.
It is common knowledge that 90% of the world's wig products are made in China. China's wig factories are mainly located in Qingdao, xuchang, yiwu, guangdong and tianjin.
The cost of clips in extension is almost determined by the cost of materials. The price of human hair is mainly different from the length of hair. The proportion of mixed hair determines the price. The raw material cost of all factories is the same, and the manufacturing process of wig pieces is the same. Because there is no large-scale seller in China and the machine output is large, the wig factory's sales are not focused on the domestic market for the time being, so the domestic business is not very ideal. Hence the new word "clips in extension".
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