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Make your hair look a bit thicker


Some women prefer medium density and some prefer heavy density of full lace wig, however people may want to get a differe look or a heavier looking on their hair, so now we would like to share some simple tips to achieve.


Hair cut: A hair cut will make your hair look a bit thicker, you can simply cut the bottom thin hair or you can go to hair salon and let your stylist to do so.


Hair Extension: You can buy one or two pieces hair bundles to add on your hair to achieve heavier looking than before, this is more simple and recommend.


Blow Dry: You can make your hair look a bit thicker by spray hear protectant on your hair and then brush and flip your hair over while blow drying. This process will help puff up your hair so it will look thick than your actual hair.


Hair Spray: Some sprays have voluminizing and thickening agent, you can brush the hair upwards to create a naturally amped up look and then style and combs your hair in a certain style. This way will look a bit thicker than original looking.


Hair Rollers: A hair roller can be used for your hair to make different rolls, with all those rollers up front will give your hair more volume looking.


We suggest people order 150%,180% or 200% density if you really like a heavy looking. A heavy density will give you a full hair and volume to use and customize, but the disadvantanges is the wig will be very heavy when you wear because all heavy density are over 200gram which may feel a bit heavy during your day work

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