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Magnetic therapy wig


The magnetic therapy wig cover includes the bottom of the net, the forehead set at the front of the net and the elastic band connected at the edge of the net. The bottom of the net is provided with an adjustment buckle on both sides near the bottom of the back of the brain. The positions on both sides of the net cap corresponding to the temples of the human body and the positions on the back of the net cap corresponding to the tianzhu points of the human body are respectively provided with magnets. On both sides of the elastic band edge near the position of the ear are set with flannelette, the top of the bottom of the net is set with simulated scalp, the simulated scalp is heart-shaped, the upper two sides of the net is set with a separation belt, can play a role in prevention, treatment and fitness at the same time of the new magnetic treatment false hair net cap.
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