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How to determine the quality of your hair


If you have made the decision to purchase a wig, then you need to know how to determine the hair you received. Lace Wigs are becoming the most popular in hair business due to it is easy install and natural looking so it is prefered by most women rather than hair bundles. But there are many different quality as well as low quality in market, so it is better for people to know what hair they received when they purchase.


Hair Grade

One of the most sign for the hair grade named in hair business, premiumlacewig.com always aim to provide better quality to our customers, our staff will first start to pick up the hair from materials to make sure our hair are all in Grade 8A and 10A. We only offer this two levels hair to our customers. Premiumlacewig.com 10A Grade Hair was first founded in hair market from 3 years ago, the hair are very expensive but for sure the hair is the best quality in market. Because 10A hair is selected from one donor and all cuticles are aligned in the same directions, the hair is unprocessed without dye or bleach. As you know, nowsadays most girls like to customize their hair so it is so hard to find such hair, but the grade of the hair are very good which will bring the price very hair.

Grade 8A hair are also virgin hair but honestly they are not from one donor but from many donor collected. The cuticles are also aligned and the hair can be able to dye or bleach to any colors.


The Type of Hair

It is important to pay attention to the hair type, because many companies sell remy hair or remy virgin hair. Such hair has gone through the chemical process, all the hair are wen through acid washed so the hair are very soft and smooth when you first received, but the life time of remy hair is never the same long as virgin hair.

Virgin hair has never been chemically treated, it is all in natural states which means it is easier to style, dye or bleach. But you may not feel virgin hair as soft as remy hair, this is because there is cuticles on virgin hair so your fingure will feel the hardness when you pull the hair from end to top. But remy hair will be completely smooth when you pull through your hand.

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