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How often wash lace front wigs in the summer


How often wash lace front wigs in the summer
People who often wear lace front wigs should wash once a half month. When 2 clean, want to put wig first in the washbasin that cheng has a few shampoo to soak 5, 10 minutes, rinse gently next, comb with comb tooth more thin comb the dirt on the hairpiece that go up, avoid by all means to twist forcibly rub. 3. After washing, pat the water drops gently with a dry towel and comb the hair with a comb to the original hairstyle. Place the hair in a cool place to dry. 4 grow on scalp true hair can get the nutrient supply of human body, and cheap lace front wigs does not have nutrient supply, to protect the normal burnish of good wig, a few hair oil can be rubbed on wig after every toilet. 5 when wig does not need for a long time, should be put in the box after washing or model head plus plastic cover, can maintain original hairstyle already, can avoid the invasion of dirt and bacterium again, must not fold at will or clip is saved in the dress.
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