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How long does it take a worker to make a wig


How long does it take a worker to make a full lace wig

Full lace Wig makers are slicing and slicing the hair to make it easier to weave into a web.

Once the hair is done, the work is only half done. Workers sew the hair into a web, either by machine like a stapler or by hand.

Fully hand-woven headgear requires workers to hook a needle and thread to the artificial scalp. A needle eye hook can hold two to three hairs. The whole headgear requires at least 23 thousand needles, just like a work of art.
Even a skilled worker would need 20 days to complete an all-hand-woven wig, and its price would naturally start at 1,000 yuan, with expensive ones selling for tens of thousands of yuan. The workers in charge of the all-hand-woven work were also among the highest paid in the factory, earning four or five thousand yuan a month locally.
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