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How Can You Avoid Matting And Tangling From Your Hair?


Keep the hair clean

The first thing you need to know is wig or extensions are not permanent hair that have longer life, they are human hair which needs us more attention to care than our own hair. Because our own hair can get supplies from our body, but human hair does not have any supplies so we need to give them more care during wash or daily care. You will need to use milk and sulfate free products and conditioners with little silicone content to maintain the hair.


Condition the hair in a Proper Way


Always use warm water to wash your hair and use leave-in conditioners at last, it work best in bringing life and luster back to human hair. Apply excessive amounts of leave-in conditioners may lead to further build up, which could make it easier for your wig to avoid matt or tangle. Try to avoid let the knots stay in water for too long time. Otherwise may cause shedding issue.


Take off your hair before go to bed


Please take off your hair before you go to bed, because sleep with human hair will makes more easier to tangle or matt, so never forget to take off your wig and put it on wig stand before you sleep.


Have a Proper Brush


Brush your hair is the best way to avoid tangling, but many people brush their wig in a wrong directions. The correct direction when you brush your hair is from ends to top, this way will avoid shed or tangle during brush. Because if you brush from top to ends then hair may get shed because it near the hair knots area which may get the knots become loose. As to avoid shed issue, and tangle issue, please always brush from ends to top. And try to only brush less than twice per day.

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