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Hair styles between human hair wig and synthetic wig


Human hair wig is a real hair that has to be styled, include lace front wigs, so it may not look so pretty as synthetic.  Because synthetic hair is already manufactured into a style, the synthetic materials is unlike human hair, it can be styles and layered very easily. Human hair wig cannot achieve layer as same as synthetic, because the hair has life which is same as our own hair, it can be made into any wave or curly but cannot achieve some synthetic styling.

We all know some people that only go to the hairdresser and cannot or will not do anything with their own hair.  Unlike synthetic, Human hair has to be styled and maintained. The styling and maintenance between human and synthetic hair wigs are completely different. Many people reply on cosmetologist for style and coloring for human hair wig because of the complicated. But in other words, this is most fun and interest to style with our own hair because for sure you don’t want to look same with somebody else.

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