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Good-looking short bobo waved human hair wig


Good-looking wave head short hair
Style 1

The side design not only can make the face slim, but also make the shape have

asymmetrical beauty, while the inner buckle adds the sweetness of the wave head,

it looks simple and stylish, just like the simple makeup is beautiful, there is

no problem in daily work, even if It is OK to go to the party with a dress.
Style 2

The laterally asymmetrical design makes the face look more solid and has a

slimming effect. The short hair micro-scalding design increases visually and

makes the head shape look better. Finally, this bob is perfect with a nice hair

Style 3

The length of the slanted bangs to the outer corner of the eye can be used to

modify the forehead, while at the same time it can highlight the beautiful eyes.

The straight hair with the buckle is fresh and has a fan. With the good clothes,

you can easily hOLd to live in class and other occasions.
Style 4

There is no bangs straight hair buckle inside the wave head shape, the curvature

of the inner buckle is more opaque than the previous one, and the tail trimming

looks slightly more gradient and looks more energetic.

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