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Full Lace Wig Can Give You a Fuller and More Natural Looking


One of the first things when people see you is your hair, it is the first impression for you to others. So why not treat yourself to the most beautiful and luxurious hair for your look? The best natural looking hair is full lace wig, which can provide you the most natural looking from front to back because it is full hand tied made unit with no machine made at all. Choose the correct lace color to match your skin so attached such lace on your head which no one can notice it is a wig. Full Lace Wig can give you a different density upon your decisions, there is density available from 100%-200% which you can choose to decide wheather you'd like to have a medium looking or a full and heavy looking.

All of our full lace wig are made of 100% human hair with no silicone coating or acrylic faux hair, so you can wash any of our full lace wigs without worrying about them falling apart or losing their luxurious properties. We recommend that you wash your full lace wig at least once a week with conditioner to make sure that the hair are flexible after wash. Please let the hair air dry especially if it is a curly wig, please also avoid to blow the hair knots just in case the knots may get loose to have a shedding problem.


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