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Difference of 3 kinds of full lace wigs in market


At present, there are three kinds of full lace wig head sets. One is the all-lace hand-woven head set. The whole head set is made of workers' sewing one hair after another on the web.

Another is woven full lace caps, it is by weaving hair shade a made a suture in the cap on the bone, this way because of the production of woven hair shade is to use the machine to the hair turn on the wind so making speed, less time-consuming, low labor costs, but also features because of the disadvantage of this way is hairline using woven hair shade, this part due to distribute, weaving hair shade is not natural, low fidelity, because the hairline is easy to be noticed by people place, so the whole beautiful sex greatly discount.

The third is the v-shaped lace head cover, which is hand-stitched at the hairline and made of woven hair curtain at other positions. The inner surface of the cap bone is sewn with a mesh breathable partition cloth.
On the basis of the technical scheme, the inner surface of the mesh breathable cloth is sewn with the upper hairpin to prevent the head cover from moving downward and the lower hairpin to prevent the head cover from moving upward. The upper hairpin is located at the top of the cap bone and the lower hairpin is located at the bottom of the cap bone. An elastic adjusting buckle is arranged at the edge of the circumference, which is located at the bottom of the cap bone.

The main body of the cap bone is mainly composed of transverse elastic bandage and longitudinal elastic bandage. The two ends of the transverse elastic bandage are sewn on the circumference, one end of the longitudinal elastic bandage is sewn on the circumference, and the other end is sewn on the transverse elastic bandage. Woven hair curtains are cross-stitched with longitudinal elastic bandages to form a mesh structure.
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