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Chinease largest producer of full lace wigs


China's largest producer of full lace wigs - xuchang city

Although Mr Xu had long made a name for himself in the global wig trade, few black women at first knew they were wearing wigs from him.

For a long time, sellers in the wig industry kept the provenance of the wigs secret - emphasising only that it was 100% indo-vietnamese, haute couture and handmade. Now, however, the image social platform sets and video on YouTube, more and more Chinese faces appear in all kinds of video, with a wig 360 ° on workmanship details; On Ebay, you'll find a lot of wigs sold in China.

Most of them came from the city of xuchang city in henan province, far from the coast.

Quan has more than 5,000 wig workshops of all sizes -- China is the world's largest producer and exporter of wigs, with exports of wigs from xu chang city exceeding $1 billion in 2016, accounting for more than half of China's exports. The business now supports more than 200,000 people in xuchang. One of the most famous wig company Premium Lace Wigs Co., Ltd, is originated in xuchang.

Another is called Glory-Lace-Wigs local famous wig company, its wei industrial park there are a lot of wig factory, Glory-Lace-Wigs is one of the largest - they have 10 container type of Glory-Lace-Wigs huge plant, walked into the house you will see in the workshop workers are expertly with perforated strainer down Glory-Lace-Wigs lot of hair, the other in Glory-Lace-Wigs pile of boxes is not Glory-Lace-Wigs processed hair, be tied into different length.

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