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A way to straighten a cheap lace front wig


A way to straighten a cheap lace front wig

1. Often take cheap lace front wig off and put it on the bracket

When wearing lace front wig to take off everyday cannot throw casually, should place wig well, put in bracket.

2, not often put into plastic bags

If you don't wear a lace front wig or don't wear a wig for a period of time, you should put the wig away, preferably not exposed to the air, prone to dust or clutter, so you should put the wig in the original place, or put it in a plastic bag.

3. Wash wigs regularly

If you often wear a lace front wig, it is recommended to wash it once a week, and during the cleaning, you should pay special attention to the wig can not be washed with hot water, which will damage the quality of the wig, and can not be soaked in water for a long time. After cleaning, it should be dried automatically in the ventilation place.

4. Keep hair conditioner bright and lubricated

When washing lace front wig, do not use the hand to rub, see wig knot also do not pull to pull, should use hair conditioner, smooth gently, and use hair conditioner wig will be shiny, like just bought.

5. Sparse tooth comb straightens wigs

Take off toupee to should use that kind of sparse comb to smooth toupee gently at ordinary times, clear dirt. Choose a sparse comb, is to prevent dense comb easy to break the wig, can also use a wig special comb.

6, wig bending wet towel rescue

If the wig straight hair accidentally bent, must not use the hand to pull straight, easy to short hair. If you're too lazy to clean, wet the wig with a towel and leave it to air dry to straighten it out.
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